Looking for The Silk Road Patron

The Silk Road Patron

Is the internet version of a silk road trader of antiquity? Someone who is intrigued by the possibilities of exchange from lands afar. Interested in new minds, methods and techniques.

Inspired by a population wider than themselves. This Silk Road Patron has nothing to prove to anyone, because he already showed to us his eminence – he had crossed the globe, trekked the path, and organized with his own spice trade.

He want to give back – be the final player who connects the possibilities of the #SAMP (Super Awesome Micro Project). The Silk Road Patron is a person, not a corporation. The Silk Road Patron’s gift of participation in this arduous project, is participation itself – a personal satisfaction.

This is something wider and deeper than the #SAMP – it is in fact the search for Australia’s most generous entrepreneur.  A Venture Capital(VC) whose return on investment(ROI) does not involve percentages. Their drive is return on humanity(ROH). (It is worth noting we can provide validation and proof of our achievements via private digital methods.)

Please let us know if this person is someone you know, or maybe, just maybe it is you. 


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