The Greatest Crime That You Could Ever Commit Against Yourself

The greatest crime that you could ever commit against yourself is denying your passion over earning an income.

It may then occur that later in life; in adulthood you may believed that you must get a well paying job. So what are you doing? Are you pursuing a well paid job or are you pursuing your passion?

Without passions– life has no meaning, no focus, no power, your life becomes routine, meaningless, unconscious and numb.

When the gloss of income has dulled___ you are lead to believe that you have wasted your time in a passionless life. Your first pay cheque holds the potential to start the most disabling habit. This habit may defy you for the rest of your life, unless of course you brake this habit.

Now it’s the time to brake it! Are you working to earn an income, rather than enhance your life and live your passion?

The person who does not work for love of work but only for money, is not likely to make money nor to find much in life.

A passionless life is one of the most powerful consequences of the industrial revolution, but it is shifting with the coming entrepreneurial (r)evolution.

It hasn’t been a better time to stop committing this crime against yourself.

Start up!