Channeling Through Our Political System

The printing press taught the people how to read, the internet taught people how to write. This is a new ability for everyone to be able to write and express themselves. Being able to use this ability to express you self in public makes you and your way of speaking more and more constructive over time. But filtering is becoming even more important these days!

Everybody talks and many people say bullshit.

To be able to participate in complex discussions  in a chaotic system has become a crucial point particularly for the future of education.

We need to break down the complexity into small parts in order to  be able to understand and debate calmly.

It is not about political vanguard, it’s about channeling through our political system. This is a new ability to express ourselves , to share our thoughts, and to participate in sharing of our knowledge without being a member of a political party or of a media company or without having whatever centralized structure you needed in the past in order to be able to express yourself.