Internet Freedom and Privacy

The freedom of communication is enhancing tremendously, and now we can communicate many more people. On the other hand it is also tremendously degraded because our privacy is vulnerable. Our communications are spied on and stored, and this can be used against us.

The Internet that we have today is the linking infrastructure for our social, our economical, our cultural,and our political over all interactions. The internet was perhaps not even thought to be a linking infrastructure for everything in it’s early days, but the economic logic says, ‘well it’s cheaper to do things with the internet’. For example, banks and credit card companies previously had ATM machines out there with x.25 interfaces, which was a separate network 10 to 20 years ago; and now it’s all Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) because it’s cheaper.

The economic system is based on the electronic infrastructure. The architect of the infrastructure have all the data about the economic system: how the money flow is going, how it’s being controlled, how it is being centralized, and so on.

Freedom, privacy, and technology are becoming key issues, because it affects all individuals and industries, and we really need to actually rethink the internet architecture. Meaning if we want to decentralize our economic way of handling our payments and protect our freedom and privacy we need to take the infrastructure in our hands.