Free Internet For

I appreciate you reading my blog, I don’t always come up with the best answers right away, but we just come up with reflections and questions and we crash our different ideas on the table and see what the bottom line is. That’s the process that needs to go on and that’s what we need free internet for.

The most possible trajectory for the future would look like self-knowledge, diversity and networks of self determination, and a highly educated global population. I’m referring to formal education, but how highly educated in their understanding people are; and on how human civilization works at the political, industrial, scientific, and psychological levels.

The results of free exchange of communication, and of stimulating vibrant new culture and maximal diversification of the individual thought increase are very imortant. Among them are regional self determination, and the self determination of the interest group. This enables us to network quickly, and exchange value rapidly over geographic boundaries.

I think it will perhaps mean massive language homogenization, massive culture homogenization, and massive standardization in order to make these rapid interchange efficient.

The pessimistic scenario is also quite probable. All transnational surveillance taping, and endless drone wars are pretty prevalent among nations..