Intel Inside Our Grandkids in 2113

If we can meet our great grandkids in the year 2113. How do you think they would look like?

We would view them as Gods. They  would be able  to control objects around them by pure thought. They could transform objects just by thinking. Perhaps they will have  timeless bodies as  we now are beginning to unravel the genetics at the molecular level of the aging process. They will finally have that flying car that we always wanted to have in our garage and by 2113 we will have sufficiently advance technology indistinguishable from divinity.

The future internet will be miniaturized and put in your glasses or inside themselves. For example, their glasses will recognise people face and display their biography next to their image as you talk to them and then when they speak Chinese to you, your glasses will translate Chinese into English or whatever language you know, and show subtitles right beneath their image.

Our grandkids of the year 2013 will buy chips for 1 penny, because we can manufacture tinnier and tinnier transistors they will have electromagnetic forces inside their body, and  quantum computers will be part of whatever telecommunication devise they use.

The meaning of love would be totally different.