Our Marvelous Brain, Dear Monkeys

I’m fascinated and so curious about our brain and mind, and how we can improve our brain capacity. The fact is neuroplasticity has been proven, which means that it is our choice to boost our brain capability.

Our human brain region is amazingly 4% to 5% of the volume of the rest of the brain. Diamonds and good things come in small packages, right. Our human brain or prefrontal cortex makes possible to set any type of goals and to plan, to control impulses, to solve problems and visualizing a situation you would never seen before and to think creatively. Our prefrontal cortex is the biological seed of your conscious interaction with the world. It’s the part of your brain central to thinking things through, instead of being autopilots as you go about your life.

Your prefrontal cortex is where we hold thoughts that are not being generated from external sources or from the senses. It has to have everything just right or it doesn’t function well.

So how could you take advantage of your marvelous, unexplored, unused brain to stand out of the crowd?  What strategies you could put in place to enhance the main functions of your brain: Understanding + Deciding + Recalling + Memorizing = to make up the majority of your conscious thoughts. These functions are recombined to plan problem solve, communicate and other things.

And what about your instincts? And what about our monkey heritage?

For me, I’ll keep my daily brain training with Lumosity– writing, reading, meditating, and also trying to live the present moment.

Catch you later dear monkeys.