I’m an Industrial Engineer. This is My Role. What’s Yours?

Industrial Engineering has evolved as major engineering and management discipline. The effective utilization of wish has contribute to our increased standard of living through increased productivity, quality of work, quality of services, and improvement in the working environments.

Industrial engineers with their ever expanding toolbox have greater opportunity to help organizations and start-ups to be successful than ever before; with the current technology we start talking about topics such as decision support systems, and internal electronic controls.

If you see closer you will see that attention has been given to the growing services sectors including growing specific application areas. In fact an enterprise has become a popular way to describe the total system and the broad organization scope of  problem solving initiatives. I am happy to see this addressed specifically  and globally through topics such as enterprise modeling and  enterprises resource planning.

We as industrial engineers can and do contribute in every phase of the total product life cycle.  My mission is to practicing industrial engineering through the creation of global micro business. My role as an industrial engineer in a super connected world, is to provide timely and useful methodologies for achieving increasing productivity and quality, competitiveness globalization of business; and for increasing the quality of working life in manufacturing and service industries.

That’s my role, what’s yours?