If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me

It is funny but many of the people I know want to make more money, spend more time with their families, and achieve financial independence. Almost all of us want the same thing; but we all know what we have to do to achieve them, and we all intend to do those things some time. The problem for many is that before they get started, they already decided to take a little vacation into a wonderful fantasy place called “Someday I will”.

“Someday I will read that book. Someday I will skip diet and start eating healthy food. Someday I will spend more time self-educating  myself and improving my skills. Someday I will get my finance under control, and get out of debt. Someday I will do all the things that I know I need to do to achieve all my goals someday.”

Alarmingly 80% of the population lives on someday. Most of the time, they keep on thinking of their fantasies about all the things they are going to do someday.

There are thousand of excuses for failure, but not one is a good reason. And what is the characteristic of this  “Someday I  will” conversations? The answer is simple: Excuses!!!.

Not surprisingly their excuses are pretty much the same: I didn’t have the happy childhood, I didn’t get the good education, I don’t have any money, my boss is really critical, my marriage is no good, no one appreciates me or the economy is terrible, etc. The disease of excusitis which is invariably fatal to success is the road to hell, and is paved with good intentions.

The first rule of success is simple: no more excuses, do it or don’t do it but don’t make excuses. And stop using your incredible brain to think up the fabric of justifications for not taking action.

Losers make excuses, winner make progress.

Start up now!


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