Part of Your Character

Excuse me for a while, but for me it’s a lie when a person says that he or she always tells the truth!

Big part of your character is determined by the people you admire the most, both living and dead. Who are they? Looking over your life and history, make a list of the people whom you admire the most, then write out their virtues or values that impressed you the most next to their names. Also dig a little deeper, and write out some of the bad characteristics of the people who impressed you the most.

If you could spend a couple of hours with anyone, living or dead , who’s the person you would choose? Why would you choose that person?

What would you talk about during your afternoon get-together?

What question would you ask and what would you want to learn?

And here is a tricky one. Consider this as well, why would that person want to spend an afternoon with you? What are the virtues and the values you have develop that make you a valuable and an interesting person? What makes you special? Practice the values you respect. Develop the values in yourself by practicing what you preach.

Be careful of the people you have in your list!!!